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CroxyProxy is a free proxy service that lets you access any website and keep your personal information anonymous. It overcomes various network restrictions, allowing you to watch YouTube videos and use social networks. Our goal is to make information more accessible for everyone.

Why you Need a Proxy Server

A proxy service acts as a mediator between your device and the Internet. It's straightforward to use – just enter the web address you want to visit. Your request passes through the proxy to the website, and the web content will return to you through the same proxy. This is beneficial if you want to:

  • Hide your network identity
  • Keep your browsing history private
  • Open inaccessible websites

The Difference between Web Proxy and VPN

Web proxy servers and VPNs both act as an intermediary between the user and a website. Web proxies and VPNs both receive a request from the user, get a response from the targeted websites, and route it to the user again. The main differences between proxy servers and VPNs are how they work and which protocols they support, which affects their privacy and security capabilities.

VPN-iShark VPN

VPNs are typically configured at a system level, allowing all traffic to pass through them, i.e., web browsing, music streaming, file sharing, or gaming. Many VPN software solutions allow users to exclude selected apps from operating through the VPN, but the default settings usually direct all traffic through them.

Web Proxy

A web proxy can be accessed directly from the browser and does not require software installation. However, the disadvantage is that a web proxy can only open websites and can not mask your IP address for other applications on your device. A web proxy is ideal if you quickly need to visit a blocked website without downloading any type of software.

Cutting-edge online proxy

Web proxy is trusted proxy IP service provider, use our proxy infrastructure to provide support for your crawlers.

  • Residential Proxy

    Residential proxy from real residential devices. Best for small bandwidth.

    Starting at - /GB
    • 90M+ Residential IPs
    • Unlimited concurrent requests
    • 0.6s response time
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  • Static Residential

    Equip static residential proxies and enjoy unbeatable speed and stability.

    Starting at - /IP
    • 90M+ Residential IPs
    • Exclusive static residential Proxy
    • Stable line, long online time
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  • Unlimited Residential

    Unlimited use of graded residential proxies, randomly assigned countries

    Starting at - /Day
    • 90M+ Residential IPs
    • Support Multi-Concurrency
    • Dedicated Proxy Server
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